Green coffee


Green organic robusta is one of main crops of Sierra Leone, which is in western Africa in tropical climate. There is savannah, as well as rainforests. Green robusta is grown in area of tropical rainforests in southern provinces in Sierra Leone. Our green coffee is one-kind 100% organic robusta. It contains no other chemical substances. It is bitter, with earthy or woody flavor. It is considered to have the best quality in the world. The green coffee contains double amounts of caffeine and almost double number of antioxidants compared to arabica. High caffeine content is the reason why robusta tastes bitter; on the other hand, robusta is very good in getting rid of fatigue. It contains chlorogenic acid, which supports weight loss by reducing fat and sugar absorption, and suppresses hunger. The beans can also prevent hyperacidity. From this point of view, natural robusta is healthier than coffee Arabica.


Origin: Farms in Sierra Leone
Region: Kailahun
Agricultural cooperative: Local farmers
Variety: Natural robusta
Methods of processing: Natural, sun-dried
Characteristics: No additives
Caffeine content: +- 18 400 mg/kg
pH: +- 5,85
Packaging: Jute bags 62 kg (136.687 lbs)
Amount: In accordance of offer  (one 20 ft container/19.800 kg, 320 bags)
Certification: Regular
Port of export: Freetown
Delivery: from warehouse Prague (CZ), by agreement
Price: On request