We are direct importer of organic cacao beans and green unroasted coffee. All our products are from Sierra Leone and are 100 % natural with no additions. Sierra Leone is a seaside country in western Africa. The name of this country, “Sierra Leone” means “lion mountains”. Neighbouring countries of Sierra Leone are Liberia and Guinea, Atlantic Ocean on west.
We buy every single product directly from local farmers and agriculture cooperatives. The trade is done by our daughter company OPRA TRADE (SL) Ltd. located in Sierra Leone. We use our own vehicles for transport. Our interim storage is located near plantations where a careful quality checking is made, then the products are transported to port in Freetown to be shipped.
When cacao and green coffee arrive to the Czech Republic, we store it in storerooms with constant temperature and make it ready for taking. If you are interested, we can deliver our products anywhere within Europe.
We supply cacao beans and green coffee to wholesale customers packed in jute bags á 62 kg (approx. 137 lbs). Our products are also available for ordinary customers and final consumers. You can find more at our e-shop.
Our priority is reliable and regular delivery of first class cacao beans and green coffee, as well as good relations with you, as our customers.